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Why your Weed does not Burning in the Bowl

weed not burning in bowl

The experience of filling a bowl with fresh cannabis anticipating a smooth and flavorful smoke, can be both exciting and relaxing. However, nothing is more frustrating for a cannabis enthusiast than when their weed doesn’t burn properly in the container. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or a newbie, this disconcerting topic can damage your enjoyment. […]

The 420 gas house, the leading company to process cannabis in USA

cannabis in USA

They Obtained The License to Produce Cannabis in The USA For Medicinal and Scientific purposes. In a place of Rionegro, amidst extensive cultivations of chrysanthemums and orchids and after walking along a paved road with palms and shrubs side and side, is Pharmacie. It is a company that, last June 27, obtained the license to […]