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About Afghan Hash 

People can now enjoy cannabis through concentrates and oils. Afghan hash Legalization is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to cannabis, but many people have forgotten the OG of all concentrates and oils: hashish.

Afghan hashish is made primarily from short indica plants. After the plants are harvested and dried, they are threshed and sieved. Threshing removes the kief resin from the plant material, creating a fine powder. This powder is called garda.

It is made from the sieved trichomes of the Afghan Kush plant. The trichomes are removed from the plant and sifted through cloth or screens to filter out any plant matter. This “dry sieve” is then pressed into bricks.

What is the Afghan hash plant?

t Plant develops into medium-sized plants that produce incredibly thick and resinous buds after a short flowering period of around 50-60 days.

Hashish lovers will be able to make top-quality concentrates with them!  Hash Plant smells of sandalwood and citrus.