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About Concentrates

The resulting products, collectively called cannabis concentrates, can contain very high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, the psychotropic ingredient in marijuana. These THC-rich marijuana products can be vaporized and inhaled using a vaporizer or through a process called dabbing.
Concentrates, Inc. is a supplier of agricultural products near Portland, Oregon, specializing in organic soil amendments, fertilizers, feed, minerals, and salts.
We have served the Pacific Northwest since 1938 from our warehouse and showroom near Portland, Oregon, and continue to bring new and innovative products to the farming community.
If you would like to order quantities of pallets (or a combination of products that is close to a full pallet), we offer call-in service from our warehouse near Portland, Oregon, or freight delivery. We also ship many of our products via UPS/USPS.

What is the difference between concentrates and flowers?

The differences between the marijuana flower and the concentrate | CannaCon
The biggest difference between marijuana flowers and concentrates is potency.
Since the essential oils are separated from the plant material during extraction. The concentrate is exactly that: highly concentrated. While most flower buds tend to be 10-25% THC. Concentrate can be anywhere from 50-90% THC.