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About Black Afghan Kush

Black Afghan Kush is a complex Indica-dominant strain with euphoric and relaxing effects. The flowers develop jade-like, pine-like colas with dark green, almost black, sugar leaves. Black Afghan’s terpene profile is an aromatic blend of pepper, earth, and sage topped with dark berries.

Black Afghan (also known as Black is a pure indica strain with a strong genetic foundation. This bud is a cross between a landrace Afghan Kush and the colorful Black Domina from Sensi Seeds.

 Afghan, also known as Black Afghani, is an 80% Indica-dominant strain (cultivar) created by crossing three phenotypes: OG Kush, Afghani #1, and Black Domina.

What is the black afghan good for?

While Black Afghan is commonly used to treat insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety, stress, and depression, it can cause anxiety in some people.

Smokers report that this is usually mild anxiety combined with mild paranoia, but for first-time smokers or people not used to strong Indicas, it can lead to panic attacks.