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About Black Indica

Black Indica is a small, stemmed plant with broad leaves that is ideal for medical purposes such as insomnia and relief of mild pain. With moderate THC levels and a laid-back high, this fast-finishing indica is ideal for beginners. Black Indica feminized marijuana seeds are easy to grow and will do well both indoors and outdoors.
As a characteristic of many indicas, this strain is best used for pain relief and as a sleep aid. Black got its name from its unique growth characteristics: Frosted leaves turn from dark purple to black over the course of time.

Why does it indicate so much sleep?

Why does it indicate more sedative? Indica strains of marijuana are often (but not always) more sedative than Sativa strains because they tend to contain more of the sedative terpene, and myrcene, as well as have moderate to high THC levels. Indicas can also include more CBD compared to sativas, but not always.