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Will Donald Trump Support the Smoking of Weed in the USA?

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Smoking Weed in USA One of the only things we knew for sure about the North American weed industry before November last year was that regardless of the result of the vote, it was going to be big. Not just big, but spectacularly lucrative. There was no way of telling precisely how big it was […]

Wanna Buy Weed in Colorado? Here’s All You Need to Know.

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Is Weed Legal in Colorado? Are the Weed Laws Different for Tourists? Yes, and anyone can buy weed in Colorado, residents, and non-residents. However, you need to be over the age of 21 to purchase or have a medical weed card from a licensed doctor. Medical Marijuana cards are for Colorado residents only. If you […]

This report shows that police want to Legal Marijuana

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Police Want Marijuana to be Legal Marijuana Marijuana’s expansion is incredible. Still, it may not be as jaw-dropping and surprising as the study released by the Pew Research CenterOpens a New Window. Last month that showed an extraordinary group of individuals who want to see marijuana legalized on a national scale. Why legal marijuana is […]

How to Invest in Marijuana Legal Business ?

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Investing in the legal Invest in marijuana business has become an enticing prospect for many, considering the industry’s exponential growth and evolving legal landscape. As more regions embrace the legalization of marijuana, opportunities for investors abound. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate the intricate terrain of the legal marijuana market, providing insights, strategies, and considerations […]