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Does Rain Wash Away Trichomes? Unraveling the Intricacies of Nature’s Cleansing Touch

does rain wash away trichomes

Does rain wash away trichomes? Trichomes, the microscopic, hair-like structures that cover the surfaces of plants, have long piqued the interest of both botanists and naturalists. These tiny appendages are essential to a plant’s life. how long does rain wash away trichomes? performing a variety of tasks, including controlling water balance and protecting the plant […]

Cannabis Bongs Vs. Pipes – Which is Better?

Considering the plethora of options for cannabis strains and the diversity of methods available, smoking is one of the most versatile and effective means of using cannabis. While rolling a joint or filling a bowl with dried flowers gives the standard experience, there are some fascinating options when it comes to smoking your favorite herb. Here […]

The leading company to process cannabis in USA

cannabis in USA

They Obtained The License to Produce Cannabis in The USA For Medicinal and Scientific purposes. In a place of Rionegro, amidst extensive cultivations of chrysanthemums and orchids and after walking along a paved road with palms and shrubs side and side, is Pharmacie. It is a company that, last June 27, obtained the license to […]

Will Donald Trump Support the Smoking of Weed in the USA?

Electronic Cigarette

Smoking Weed in USA One of the only things we knew for sure about the North American weed industry before November last year was that regardless of the result of the vote, it was going to be big. Not just big, but spectacularly lucrative. There was no way of telling precisely how big it was […]

Wanna Buy Weed in Colorado? Here’s All You Need to Know.

Weed in Colorado

Is Weed Legal in Colorado? Are the Weed Laws Different for Tourists? Yes, and anyone can buy weed in Colorado, residents, and non-residents. However, you need to be over the age of 21 to purchase or have a medical weed card from a licensed doctor. Medical Marijuana cards are for Colorado residents only. If you […]

Medicine Hat Senior says Process to Get Medical Marijuana Too Complicated

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana For Sale Online ‘I didn’t know what to look for’ says Judith Brooke of her attempts to procure cannabis and Medical Marijuana. Medicine Hat senior Judith Brooke had never touched marijuana in her entire life – before last month. The 75-year-old suffers from a severe case of sciatica. The pain in her lower […]