420 Doctors of Gas House Marijuana Advocate Use of Cannabis to Relieve Chronic Pain

Cannabis For Relieving Chronic Pain

Cannabis For Relieving Chronic Pain

Pain and opioids played hide-and-seek among them. Nobody can make the other leave. Instead, the scenario is something like they plan to stay together as long as possible. This dramatically affects the balance, both personal and professional. It has been cited as one of the most common causes of disability, with the largest shareholder in health care costs. Besides, numerous anecdotal and clinical studies have highlighted the benefits of Cannabis For Relieving Chronic Pain.

This has resulted in an increase in the popularity of cannabis among doctors and marijuana patients in The 420 Gas House medical.

 Mechanism of action of medicinal cannabis against chronic pain

Medical marijuana contains a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. Studies show that these cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, mainly receptors. This process triggers the biochemical response that helps achieve the desired effects.

Another study shows that the nerves that signal pain sensations contain a large number of cannabinoid receptors. Then, when the cannabinoids reach their target location, they block the nerve signals considerably. Therefore, it helps to relieve the feelings of pain effectively.

Why is medical cannabis becoming popular among patients with chronic pain?

Traditional medicines, such as opioids, have many unwanted effects, such as the famous “endemic opioid.” Medical cannabis has proven to be one of the safest options for the treatment and treatment of chronic pain.

A study published in the Journal of Pain confirmed that cannabis use resulted in a 60% reduction in opioid use in patients with any form of chronic pain. Besides, it offers a better quality of life by eliminating any risk of dependence.

Medicinal cannabis studies with scientific support

One study confirmed that states that have legalized cannabis had shown 25% of overdose cases of opioids compared to other countries.

Some studies have confirmed its incredible analgesic effects, according to which more than 60% of cannabis users would feel an improvement in pain and well-being.

Another study published in 2018 found that cannabis use helped to relieve pain. Besides, he also stated that cannabis could be a useful alternative for relieving the pain associated with neuropathy.

Recent scientific developments on medical cannabis and chronic pain

The advancement of medical marijuana in conventional medical care has prompted many researchers to study its mechanism of action and its effectiveness on a broader platform. Here are some of the research going on to study its effects on reducing pain signals.

Research on the results of cannabis compounds without THC on pain

The National Complementary and Integrative Health Center (NCCIH) is looking for candidates to research the impact of cannabinoids and terpenes as pain reduction agents.

Inquiries related to this investigation may be submitted by March 15, 2019. The federal government will provide the necessary funds to the recipients.

Another clinical trial is underway to study the effects of inhaled cannabis.

This will be a phase II trial that will see the effects of cannabis as an analgesic in cancer patients.

Like them, many other clinical studies are aimed at verifying the effectiveness of a cannabinoid or other cannabinoid against painMedical cannabis deserves more intense research to exploit its incredible potential and use it in the best possible way.

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