Buy weed online. Is it safe?


Buying weed online can be safe and unsafe, depending on many different factors.

If you frequently visit marijuana websites, then I’m sure you have noticed a growing trend of people trying to sell marijuana over the internet. The sales pitches are bold, stating that they stock this strain and that strain, and to e-mail them for details. Here we’ll describe buying weed online.

These types of comments are all over not only TWB’s comments sections but also in every large marijuana website’s comments sections. Consider this a public service announcement – beware of buying marijuana on the internet.

You should beware of buying anything on the internet from a not reputable source. And realize that there is an added element when you are buying marijuana online. Not only can you get ripped off, but you can also get arrested when the grass comes in the mail. Not only are scammers posting those types of comments, but I’m even assuming narcs are too. Why wouldn’t they?

Does this mean that people never buy marijuana online successfully? No. I’m sure that many people have purchased marijuana online and do it all the time. But for every person that does it successfully, there’s an untold amount of people that get hustled or arrested.

I know that it’s tough when you can’t find marijuana. I can understand that it’s tempting to try out one of the people online to see if they are legit or not. But remember, there are bad people out there on the internet that are scamming people using all kinds of stories. Using promises to provide marijuana is just one of the latest scams. These are the same people that are pretending to be princes from Nigeria or a long-lost relative from Europe.

Don’t give these people your money. If you see their comments, flag them via Disqus. If you see them on Facebook, report them there too. I try to publish as many as I can, but I am just one man working part-time, and there are only so many hours during the day. Help me out by reporting these scammers on this site and any other marijuana website you see them on!

If you need marijuana so bad, go to Colorado, buy cannabis legally, smoke to your heart’s content, and never try to buy marijuana on the internet. Buy Jillybean Vape Cartridge for sale online.

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