Cannabis Bongs Vs. Pipes – Which is Better?

Considering the plethora of options for cannabis strains and the diversity of methods available, smoking is one of the most versatile and effective means of using cannabis. While rolling a joint or filling a bowl with dried flowers gives the standard experience, there are some fascinating options when it comes to smoking your favorite herb. Here we will discuss Cannabis Bongs Vs. Pipes- which one is better?

Cannabis Bongs Vs. Pipes

Cannabis Bongs are traditionally famous and an inevitable part of any pot user’s collection. A large number of users regularly take measured doses of marijuana with bongs. A water pipe is also a fantastic choice for smoking cannabis. Different styles of water pipes are getting popular because these devices use cold water to cool and filter the smoke to give smoother hits.

Bubblers are amazing weed accessories with their advantages that bongs don’t often offer. While both bongs and bubblers include a chamber, a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece, bubblers allow the smoke to pass through water before traveling to you, making the smoke cool and smooth to give you a buttery experience. You can also find bubblers with a percolator or an extra water chamber that further allows the smoke to cool. Newer models even come with carb holes that facilitate the faster and easier clearing of smoke, making the cleaning process hassle-free.

Bongs and glass pipes have evolved from plastic and metal versions to modern niche markets. You might have come across artistic, hand-made pieces of glass that add a statement to the home decor. Some bongs feature sophisticated designs with detachable percolators and cooling sections. Though bongs are available in small sizes, they are usually not so great at carrying around and make a better smoking option for home. They can provide strong, long hits and give instantaneous effects.

Which one is better?

A large number of users favor pipes because of the portability, ease of use, and convenience they offer. It is as easy as packing a bowl of weed, lighting the herb, and inhaling the smoke that gives you an instant high. Pipes can be picked for quick hits at any time and anywhere. And they are available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. You can find small hand-held pipes to bigger tubes, and they can be made out of anything, be it wood, plastic, metal, or silicone. Weed pipes are pretty simple to clean. They provide flavourful, delicious hits that are quite potent. You need some weed and a lighter to start smoking with a pipe.

The disadvantage of pipes is that they deliver harsher hits as compared to bongs and water pipes. Patients with lung diseases can experience coughing or irritation as the smoke is somewhat jarring. In the case of bongs, the chamber containing water filters the smoke to remove tar, soot, and airborne particles. Making sure the smoke, you inhale tastes clean and smooth, and aromatic. You light up the bowl and start inhaling through the mouthpiece to get an instant high from a bong. The only problem is cleaning the water at regular intervals; otherwise, it can get stinky. Bongs are also more expensive as compared to pipes.

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