The leading company to process cannabis in USA

cannabis in USA

They Obtained The License to Produce Cannabis in The USA For Medicinal and Scientific purposes.

In a place of Rionegro, amidst extensive cultivations of chrysanthemums and orchids and after walking along a paved road with palms and shrubs side and side, is Pharmacie. It is a company that, last June 27, obtained the license to produce marijuana Product derivatives.

With this license, this American company, headquartered in Canada, will be able to initiate the transformation of the plant into extracts of medicinal cannabis oil, which will later be used by other companies for the production of resins, ointments and all types of medicines for the Cancer, arthritis or epilepsy.

To enable processing, said the420gashouse’s executive director said the company will begin the adaptation of the production plant, the importation of machinery and new technology, as well as the construction of research laboratories and, through the University of Antioquia, will begin pilot tests with a limited number of specimens.

The cultivation license that is being processed by the National Narcotics Council remains to be obtained. “At the moment we do not see the possibility of acquiring cannabis, first because nobody has the license and second, because we can not buy it anywhere, much less if its use is medicinal and has to have all the necessary care and parameters,” Said Mauricio Pulgarín, an agronomist.

While they receive the planting permit, the company’s engineers and employees work on the reform of the greenhouses, change the plastics, adapt the enclosures with movable curtains for ventilation, install the drip irrigation system, and make the beds Where the plants will grow.

The spokesman of the PP claims the legalization of marijuana for therapeutic use

Eduardo Van den Eynde has explained in social networks that he has relapsed from Cancer and personally claims the use of cannabis as a palliative remedy of the effects of chemotherapy, which he is facing for the ninth time

The spokesman for the PP in the Parliament of Cantabria, Eduardo Van den Eynde, has revealed today in his profile of Facebook that has relapsed of Cancer that surpassed five years ago. The regional deputy has written a long letter entitled “Therapeutic cannabis, now!” In which he explains his motives for claiming, in a personal capacity, the legalization of marijuana as a palliative remedy for chemotherapy. In his case, he explains, it is the ninth time that he has to undergo the ‘chemo,’ so he can say ‘without fear of being mistaken,’ that “cannabis helps and in a very remarkable way to alleviate those who are perhaps more damaging effects of such treatments: nausea, fatigue, and mood.

Again, and now 9, I am in a cycle of chemotherapy to treat Cancer that is already two relapses, but with a five-year survival, which I hope to surpass widely. My wife says that the third is the loser, which raises some doubts, being the main one that remains to be seen who beats who. In any case, I can not but thank the expertise and friendship of the Chief of Service of pulmonology of Valdecilla, Dr. Ramón Agüero, whom I must undoubtedly be still here enjoying life, since without its follow-up Exhaustive of my illness, his affection and his spirit, the thing would have painted even much worse; And is that without its contribution would be being organic fertilizer, with total security, for a long time.

But what I am going to talk about today, knowing that it is controversial. Its the incomprehensible and unscientific Spanish (and not only Spanish) prohibition on the use of cannabis as a palliative treatment of the effects of chemo. Something that does not happen in places -Trump through-, as developed as California and other US states. As well as some European countries and the American continent. Surely many remember the series of Dr. House, in which his colleague, the oncologist Wilson, spent hours spouting porro for his patients, completely normal. And that with a Republican governor, to see how things are.

I am not an expert from a medical point of view. However, I have read a lot about it in different articles and monographs (I highly recommend Prof. Antonio Escohotado’s “General History of Drugs”). Still, I believe I am an authoritative opinion if we have In account, my long experience with this disease and its especially unpleasant and inevitable treatments. “

So I can assert, without equivocation, that cannabis in the USA helps. And in a very remarkable way to alleviate those that are perhaps the most damaging effects of such treatments. Like nausea, fatigue, and mood (maybe this last aspect, the least of which is taken into account, though certainly the most devastating.

We could speak of the absurd prohibition of cannabis in the USA, even for recreational use. In Western societies, which seems to be reversed, too. Slowly, despite the foolish resistance of those who speak of this “drug” with absolute ignorance of its history and its effects. My origin is Belgian, but I prefer the Dutch and their delicious coffee shops.

Curiously, this substance is illegal in societies that assume with absolute normality the consumption of alcohol (correctly well seen in any social event), or chemical drugs such as benzodiazepines, opioid analgesics, or potentially as hepatotoxic products as The supposedly innocuous paracetamol.

I believe that no one in their minds would think to ban all those drugs. Whose benefits far outweigh their possible adverse effects. And relapse in the vices that already history showed that they were huge errors and only aggravated the situation. The briefest example is the US dry law and its contribution to exponentially increase the resources of criminal gangs. Condemning the population to drink lethal potions distilled in the underground. Or products derived from contraband, in disreputable centers or not recommended.

I will not say that cannabis in the USA- in its different presentations: – plant shots, hashish, hashish oils, is good. But certainly not worse, much less than alcohol, or dozens of drugs that We consume legally with or without prescription. What I do say is that the problem has never been in use. But in abuse, and that is a problem that is not addressed with prohibitions. But with knowledge, information, and education. And mestizo, when I say it is not good because it depends on what. Analgesics are not suitable either … but worse is not having them.

When reading some “supposedly scientific” studies on cannabis in the USA. It is clear to see the bias they contain. And refers to side effects in extreme cases of chronic consumption at unreasonable doses. But what about alcohol abuse, or the abuse of tranquilizers, pharmaceutical opiates, or the deadly. Absolutely addictive tobacco we so easily acquire in virtually any place? There is always the risk. That there are individuals who fall In the compulsory addition of any substance. But is the solution to continue prohibiting its legal sale, its sanitary control, and the renunciation. With it, to the resources that the State would collect of its processes of production and sale?. The answer is no Because we already know what that leads to, we do not have to explain it.

 Especially when millions of people make full and responsible use of these substances around the world. Having breakfast, as is often seen, with a “sun and shade” or a few beers is undoubtedly not a good habit. But it is nothing else That the demonstration that there are people who fall into addiction, is exceptional; The usual is not that; The usual thing is to share a few beers, from time to time. With friends at reasonable times, or take a shot on Saturdays after a nice meal or dinner; Or usually eat with a nice glass of wine. It even seems that moderate consumption is recommended because, in healthy people, it has its beneficial effects. 

I am one of those who distrust the total abstemious. Who, if above are vegetarians, remember enough Hitler, whose only recognized vice was invading countries and gassing innocents. And what is the difference of all these legal substances with cannabis ?: None, Except for a distorted public opinion that has suffered an exciting bombing of negative views in relatively recent times. – it should be remembered that the ban is. In fact, current, and that cannabis has lived with man (such as opiates in their analgesic use ) Throughout the history of humanity. Only since its prohibition seems to have become a problem that arises from its classification as a lethal drug, which has few harmful effects, no matter how much they exaggerate, we are presented as the door Of access to the world of hazardous drugs.

 It is common to hear that you start with a joint, and you end up knowing what world of really lethal substances. Which, incidentally, are increasingly more accessible and potentially deadly in even initial doses. That is another story, where it is that the prohibition, police persecution, and information becomes essential. There is the real danger, not in the port or the beer. 

But be assured that there is no causality between a joint and a heroin kick, is a too long jump. Fortunately, only some desperate give: the politoxicómanos, who, By the way, almost always are also fond of alcohol. And no one establishes that cause-effect relationship, which would be equally crazy. As I am 57 years old and above, I am an amateur musician from a very young age. I can speak with enough knowledge of the world of drugs. I’ve seen everything from friends who have developed irreversible schizophrenias for the use of LSD, to people who have destroyed their lives with opiates like heroin or stimulants like cocaine. I have not lived, because it is a recent phenomenon, the terrible threat of design drugs. 

LSD, crack, speed, heroin, cocaine, designer drugs .those are more important words and the right door to hell for many young people. No doubt, the prohibition, and persecution are fully justified. Nor would I tell the truth if I did not mention that, indeed. I have known exceptional cases of people living in a permanent cannabis in USA “colocón.” which is a severe problem, but not worse. But possibly Lighter than that of the alcoholic who needs to consume compulsively. If a few compulsive consumers had to ban the substances, we would all be bread and water. And the food with doubts, which can produce morbid obesity, by providing you get seven bars daily between chest and back.

On the other hand, banning cannabis in the USA prevents its consumption. It is everywhere, access to your purchase is immediate; But, unfortunately, it is neither under the control of the State nor sanitary authorities control it. Is it stupid to condemn people to consumption without guarantees of quality and access control. At the same time, our public coffers renounce many tax benefits in favor Of mafias trapicheras. And, above all, based on prejudices instilled in turning their backs on scientific evidence? I recognize that I have been a frequent consumer of cannabis since I was in my twenties. Consumption that I have restricted exclusively to my home (and occasional party sporadic). And only as a help to sleep and calm my character with a tendency to anxiety. Therefore, I have always made consumption.

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