Medical Marijuana Packaging -Cannabis Packaging Designs for Many Different Products

Marijuana Packaging

As a growing number of states continue to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, more innovation in the treatment of marijuana packaging is coming to the market. Dispensaries, extractors, and producers of these products now have many packaging options to go out of the competition and apply to consumers.

The Best Methods for Packing Cannabis Products

To develop high-quality medical or recreational marijuana packaging, you should consider a few recommended practices. These include:

Distinguish your brand

One of the most important aspects of marijuana packaging is ensuring that your brand stands out from others with value-added packaging. It can include everything from recognized logos and color schemes to unusual packaging sizes.

Educate Customers

Another consideration for cannabis packaging is to educate your customers. Customers must know what they get with their products. The educational package may present mandatory state information about the content of other details of your organization and the key differences between its products.

Contact Quality

Quality is another element that you want to place in your consumer base. High-quality packaging materials, including safe and easy-to-use scent-proof containers, will help build your company’s reputation for producing some of the best products on the market. Attractive designs and printed labels will cement your brand as another quality source.

Protect the product

Many cannabis products are fragile, and it is important to ensure that their cannabis packaging is designed to be strong and protective while maintaining product quality and integrity. Whether a vial or an edible product, the packaging is a protective barrier to ensure consumers receive high-quality products.

Personalized Cannabis Packaging Vs. Standard packaging

While you may consider standard packaging, especially when starting out as a new business, there are some benefits to getting custom cannabis packaging that you won’t find with standard packaging. For example, standard marijuana packaging usually has an indescribable design that limits creativity and makes products look more general. On the other hand, custom marijuana packaging can give you many options for colors, logos, sizes, and other specifications based on your business needs.

In the end, using custom packaging design will give your business and products a greater chance to stand out from the competition and be instantly recognized by customers.

Child resistance packaging

Child protection is another necessary consideration for cannabis packaging. Like other therapeutic and recreational substances, marijuana is dangerous for children, so you must ensure your packaging is child-resistant.

For your packaging to be considered childproof, you need to meet several general requirements, including:

  • All childproof packages must meet the Federal Poison Prevention Container Act standards.
  • Connective cardboard boxes must be certified following Federal Testing Procedure 16CFR Part 1700.

Single-use bags with zippers for reselling must be sealed to be considered insulated.

Pa opaque pop-top tubes are another type of packaging considered safe and child-resistant and used for pre-rolled products.

Bott bottles or other containers require push and turn caps in many states.

Meeting these or other state-specific child protection requirements will help ensure your products are safe for continued use.

Packaging design is best for different products.

Cannabis products come in all sizes, including smoked cannabis strains, edible vapor pens, and CBD oil. The best packaging for each product will depend on its final sales destination. For almost all secondary packaging designs, cardboard packaging is suitable for shelf or retail display purposes. Cardboard packaging can be customized with individual product requirements. For example, some products may require childproof packaging features that not all need. However, cartons are still a popular way to package cannabis products, from the most common to the most unique.

Cannabis vapor pen packaging

Vape pens are used to smoke marijuana instead of the traditional smoking method used as a cigarette alternative. Folding cartons are often used to pack cannabis vaporizer pens, providing a solid solution to hold one or more vaporizer pens.

Cannabis cartridge packaging: Marijuana cartridges are used to hold marijuana oil and are great for smoking on the go. Folding cartons are also used to hold these together with a whip pen.

Cannabis pre-roll packaging: Pre-rolled cannabis joints are a convenient way to smoke cannabis products as a low-cost disposable solution. Child-resistant cardboard packaging is commonly used for pre-rolled cannabis.
Cannabis oil packaging: Cannabis oils are extracted from the cannabis Seviva plant used in cannabis cartridges and usually come in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The difference between the two is that THC is the active chemical in cannabis that causes poisoning, while CBD excludes the THC component and is often used for therapeutic purposes. Cannabis oil is stored in glass droppers and packed in a compressed cardboard box for retail display.

Cannabis concentration packaging

Marijuana frequently includes various marijuana extracts, including oils, waxes, hints, hashish, and tinctures. They contain THC or CBD-rich extracts. Cannabis packaging may vary depending on the type of concentration. Still, these are usually kept in screw-top containers such as opaque or transparent jars in small, easily open boxes.

Cannabis distilled packaging: Cannabis distillate is a high-viscosity extract made from pure THC SAP, and it is a very valuable kind of concentration. These distilled oils are usually stored in dab containers as frequent containers.

Edible cannabis packaging: Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular forms of cannabis today, including many THC-containing sweets such as jelly beans and chocolate with packaging similar to traditional themed candies, opaque zip-lock bags, and childproof folding cartons commonly used for grocery products.

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Finding the best cannabis packaging company for your product

Looking for the best cannabis packaging company to provide the perfect solution for your business? There are certain services that reliable cannabis packaging companies will provide based on your personal needs.

Market speed: Marketing speed is essential for the success of your business because you need to launch new products as soon as possible. At the same time, you want to maintain quality. Good cannabis packaging companies need to understand that time is of the essence and that value is everything in combining skills with reliable design and development services.

Turnkey program: The promotional packaging design includes a variety of components, including game boxes, dust covers, vacuum trays and inserts, and more. A good packaging company will be a one-stop shop for all your adult or medical cannabis packaging needs.

Certification Process: You should also work with an organization that can provide you with a certification process that ensures compliance with all industry standards. From child prevention to ISO 9001: 2015 certification, reliable packaging companies will clearly state their processes as certified.

Experience: The packaging company you work with needs to have a good idea of ​​the product and industry, so you must find a company that advertises years of experience. Examples of previous work and reviews will help determine whether it is appropriate to engage with an organization for the packaging of cannabis products.

Qualified management system for quality assurance

A competent management system is another important component of the activities of a reliable organization. With effective quality management, packaging companies can combine quality with speed to deliver some of the best innovative solutions, including quick response. An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company is more likely to provide you with the quality assurance you want for each product.

With all of these aspects in mind, you can find the kind of cannabis packaging solution you need to successfully launch your cannabis products across the expanding market, with unique, high-quality packaging that speaks to your brand.

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