Tips For Marijuana Packaging


The marijuana market is booming. Illinois recently became the eleventh state to legalize recreational Marijuana Packaging with more states likely to follow. To date, there are 33 states that have already legalized medical marijuana. Most states begin the full legalization process starting only with medical marijuana. As a result, we can only believe that more and more states will legalize recreational use in the coming years. As marijuana use becomes more widespread, packaging will become an increasingly important aspect of the race to capture consumer attention and ensure market share.


With all the noise about marijuana, hemp, and cannabidiol (CBD) these days, Marijuana packaging discount code can be hard to keep them straight. Marijuana is the plant from which we can derive all marijuana products. And there are thousands of different strains to choose from.

Hemp is a cannabis strain that contains less than 0.3% THC content by dry weight. Hemp is legal to grow and the grower can manufacture it at the federal level, unlike marijuana. As a result of its low THC content, people use the hemp plant typically for the production of CBD and hemp fiber.

In this post, we are strictly focusing on marijuana. For more information on CBD packaging solutions, please read our Guide to Packaging CBD Products.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that we can derive from the cannabis plant and use for recreational or medical functions. In its natural form, marijuana is the dried flowers/buds of the cannabis plant. The drug contains psychoactive compounds, like THC, as well as other activities, mind-altering compounds, like CBD. For more information on CBD packaging solutions, please read our Guide to Packaging CBD Products.

Various forms of marijuana

The companies distribute cannabis is in many forms. Very often, marijuana is offered as-is, which means the bud itself is sold. However, we can also make marijuana into edibles, such as sweets and baked goods, cannabis-infused ingredients such as butter and sugar, or even as drinkable liquids, such as beer and wine.


To preserve the freshness of marijuana, the packaging must control light, heat, and air. Companies tend to package marijuana buds in PET vials and combined with a child-resistant closure, just like prescription vials. Typically these vials are amber or black PET.

For transparent marijuana packaging, the best options are glass jars, PET or PETG. Companies can combine it with various continuous threads and childproof closures. Manufacturers are exploitation digitally written closures with these packaging choices to produce clear gap directions or to push the complete and emblem.

Since marijuana can be infused into almost any type of food, the marijuana packaging of groceries can vary. However, most grocery manufacturers use jars, zip bags, or even flexible marijuana packaging, often with a child-resistant zipper/closure.


Since marijuana is an age-restricted product, and packaging regulations vary from state to state. Therefore it is important to understand that the manufacturer is responsible for knowing details. For example what warnings should they display and what font sizes should they adhere to on the label.


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