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The medicinal uses of cannabis-dispensary that deliver products, also known as cannabinoids, are fully understood and help people around the state of America. However, due to the popularity of marijuana and its derivatives as recreational drugs, sending cannabis products by courier is a very sensitive issue from the legal point of view. There is very little information available and international shipments of hemp derivatives are regulated nationally, which will depend on the state of America. Of delivery and collection that cannabinoids can be sent by mail.

From the state of America, we have created this page with information on how to send cannabinoids by mail for medicinal use or as materials for making cosmetics or other products.

There is a big difference between cannabis-derived products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol THC and those that don’t. THC is the psychotropic component of cannabis and is exempt from CBD products. In the many states of America., they strictly prohibit the transport, cultivation, or possession of any amount of marijuana. Sending cannabis for recreational purposes is considered a misdemeanor or misdemeanor and can have serious legal consequences.

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How to send cannabis products by mail

1. Choose the country of delivery and destination and enter the number of packages and their weight.
2. You will receive the best offer immediately.
3. Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.
4. Read our guide on how to package cannabis derivatives for shipping.


How to send cannabinoids to the states of America.

When you want to send cannabinoids by mail, you have to make sure that they are commercially available and that your transportation is not prohibited. When hiring a shipping service for international shipments of hemp derivatives, the most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the regulations of the state of America of delivery and destination. Check if you need specific certificates or medical proofs in addition to temperature-controlled transport.

If you decide to send cannabinoids abroad, consider:

The transport of cannabis products for recreational use is strictly prohibited in all EU countries, and the regulations are stringent. Find out what medicinal products are allowed before shipping.
Check if you will need special documents.

Consult the courier company about the best way to prepare the shipment.
Packages with cannabis-derived products are usually not very large or bulky, so you may be able to hire a standard shipping service. Check the dimensions of your package with our tool.

Send cannabis seeds by courier

One of the most frequently asked questions related to the legality of international shipments of hemp derivatives has to do with seeds. Is it legal to send cannabis seeds by courier? The sale and transportation of hemp seeds are allowed in most states of America, but the germination of these seeds may be illegal.
You must check the normal shipping state of America and the country of destiny before sending marijuana seeds by mail.

Is it legal to send marijuana seeds by courier state of America?

Cannabis legislation is often complicated and obscure in most states of America. According to one of the latest publications ( here in English ), in general, possession of marijuana plants is regulated by narcotics laws. Seeds are often excluded from these laws, although certain states of America may restrict or even prohibit their sale and transportation.

However, this does not mean that buying seeds for your use is illegal. In the same US publication, it can be read that the several states of America allow the possession of one or more marijuana plants (females), so it is possible that sending marijuana seeds by courier to those states is legal.

In Belgium, it is allowed to have a plant in the Netherlands up to 5 and in the United state up to 8. Other countries, including Spain, such as Portugal or Croatia, having a single plant is a crime. Despite the free movement of goods in the EU, you must check the regulations of the country to which you are sending the seeds. You will be solely responsible if the authorities confiscate the package, and open criminal proceedings.

Send marijuana to grow kits by mail

Growing marijuana as an individual is, as the possession of seeds, a subject on which laws do not agree. However, what is true is that the sale of marijuana cultivation kits is legal in most countries, even if their product is not.
Can I send culture cabinets by courier? Will they confiscate my shipment of marijuana cultivation bulbs or my drying kit? Is it legal to post a bud peeler by mail? The laws about sending these products are not very clear, which is reflected in the discrepancies in the information of different blogs and sales sites. If you decide to send marijuana growing kits by mail, you do so at your own risk.

Send cannabinoids by mail

Cannabis derivatives that do not contain THC but only CBD (cannabidiol) are known as cannabinoids. The use of cannabis derivatives or CBD products is increasingly popular. Cannabinoids such as creams, cannabis oil, pills, and a variety of edible products can be found in physical stores and online. Dozens of specialized websites can send cannabinoids by mail, although they may have special permission to do so. Many of these products are in legal limbo due to a lack of information about their status. However, sending cannabis oil by mail or other similar products is very common.

When sending cannabinoids by mail, the most popular hemp products are:

Cannabis extract or CDD extract (cannabidiol): for food or medicinal use.
Cosmetics: creams, serums, soap, massage oil, barbershop oil, soaps, shampoos and softeners, lip balm, etc.
CBD capsules for medicinal purposes, made with cannabis oil, or some powder or herbal remedy.
Beverages with CBD or cannabis, such as beers or soft drinks.
Food products such as chocolate, cookies, energy bars, cooking oil, etc.

CBD vaporizers

The legality of these products depends on the country. CBD with medicinal uses is legal in Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy, and Slovenia. In Europe, they grow hemp industrially if it contains less than 0.2% THC, and these types of products usually come from these crops. The laws of Switzerland and Luxembourg are more relaxing, but stricter in the United Kingdom, as they criminalize  cannabis cultivation in the 1970s.

Packaging tips for sending cannabis products by mail
There is no single way to pack international shipments of hemp derivatives. Since the packaging depends on what you are going to ship. It is not the same to send culture cabinets by courier than to send cannabis oil by mail. To send CBD capsules and other medicinal products, we recommend that you read our page about sending medications.

Usually, for a standard shipment of cannabis products, you will need:

A cardboard box: resistant and unbroken. You can recycle one, but it is in good condition and without folds or old labels.
Airtight bags – to prevent leaks or leaks.
Bubble wrap – to protect jars, packages, and bags.
Insulating material – poly span, old newspapers, or wrapping paper to protect the items inside the box and not move.
Adhesive tape and scissors – use wide hardware tape or American tape.

We recommend that you consult the manufacturer about the best way to ship the products and keep the original packaging whenever possible. If your shipment needs special conditions, you probably need to contract an individual offer. Contact us to know how it works.

Why send cannabis products by mail?

Some countries prohibited cannabis, but many cannabinoids are not, which causes many people to sweat when sending them by mail. Generally, if you are aware of the regulations in your state and these state of destination. Then you can probably send cannabinoids or products with cannabidiol (CBD) without problems. Such as cannabis oil or food or cosmetic products.

Shipments from the state of America.: many people find the products they need in a store in another country and need to find a solution to get them home.

Send cannabis products state of America – many health food stores or herbalists have customers abroad and need to ship their products outside the national territory.

If you still have any questions about how to send cannabinoids by mail, do not hesitate to contact us.

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